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With Lanza Emergency Service hair treatment builds a scaffolding around the outside of each hair shaft thus, fixing your damaged hair from the outside!

WOW! WOW! WOW! does this treatment ever make a big difference!

When new products are introduced we often ask "What is the WOW Factor?"

Most new products don't have one. But

Lanza Emergency Service deserves 3-Big WOWs.

One of our clients gets a tight perm once a year and don't see or doesn't know their hair is damaged. After 3 years of perming and minimal home hair care cre in-between. This client doesn't see the damage in their hair any more and she thinks what she does see and fell is normal. We often here "Do you think my hair is damaged?"

Well yes • you have split ends and you are • 4 shades lighter at the ends and • what is not split it is • shredding apart. I think your hair is damaged.- Then, after one treatment their hair looks and feels like hair again they ask "Do you think it helped? My fine/thin hair feels softer and I am afraid it will go straight."

Yes the Lanza Emergency Service helped your hair! ... and • no your hair won't go straight • it will just feel great like natural hair is supposed to feel, instead of the dry scratchy feel you are used to! Welcome back to great hair! Aan NO it won't cause your curly perm to loosen.

I gave a male client with a hair transplant a free treatment. His hair was slightly curly and a little scratchy to the touch, like hair after kemo.

His Response, when he came back 30 days later was - Give me another Treatment! That was the best my hair has ever felt! I could hardly keep my fingers out of my hair. My Hair felt like hair again. Soft smoothe and managable. I need to buy stock in that company! WOW is not a goosd enough superlative to explain the result. It is simply a miracle!"

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