Best Flat Iron:

Hands down its the GHD flat iron. Gets hot fast - holds thr right temperture
- shuts itself off and beeps if you forget to set the switch back to off.

flat iron by ghd - gold plate

flat iron by ghd professional -black plates

flat iron by ghd - classic
Gold Professional Classic

We have a cross section of at least 25 different flat irons in just one salon. The one folks use day after day is the 1"-GHD. The rest (some wider than 1" some smaller) most all of them set on the shelf for a "special occasion" tha never seems to come. In our experience if you want the iron theat gives the best styling results, day in and day out, you get the GHD. The Coppola & Paul Brown Hawaii Irons run a very close 2nd - and - #3 on our list is the CHI.

If you are trying to maintain your hair (extend the time between Coppola Keratin Treatments) - use the Coppola Flat Iron. Correct temperatures are important to the Coppola Keratin bonding system.

GHD Flat Iron ---

GHD New Gold Series 

  • Universal Voltage
  • A sleep mode function means that the GHD Styling Iron will switch itself off if it is not used for 30 mins.
  • Improved circuitry in the new GHD Styling Iron. The Iron re-heats up to max temp every millisecond ensuring optimum heat on the hair from root to tip. This makes a GHD iron faster than any competitor on the market
  • Outer casing is made from Rynite. Ensures the outer casing does not get too hot when styling the hair and handling the product.
  • New Improved body shape helps so you don't get frustrated trying to curl her hair at home anymore. You will be able to achieve those sexy curls in half the time and with half the work
  • Floating Plates. Ensures the hair moves smoothly through the heated plates and prevents ‘lines’ being left in the hair
  • the new Stronger Cord is 10 times more durable that previous GHD  Flat Irons.
  • A warning sound is emitted from the styler when you turn on the GHD Styling Iron in a room that has a temperature that has dropped below 46°F
  • Two year guarantee

flat iron by ghd - gold plate

flat iron by ghd professional -black plates

flat iron by ghd - classic
Gold Professional Classic
   new 1"- ghd GOLD Plate  Flat Iron   $225.00   300.00
  1"- PROFESSIONAL BLACK Plate Flat Iron   $205.00   270.00
  1"- CLASSIC Copper-Blond Plate Flat Iron   $185.00   240.00

Paul Brown Hawaii Paul Brown Iron --- Paul Brown Flat Iron - RED

Paul Brown Hawaii Iron




  Paul Brown Iron   $190.00   250.00 Paul Brown Flat Iron -RED

Keratin Straightening Flat Irons from Coppola

Keratin Complex Mini Travel Iron Coppola Keratin Complex
Travel Mini Iron

• 7½ inches in total length with
3/4 inch wide by 3 inch long plates
• Ceramic tourmaline floating plate technology
• Maximum heat of 430˚ (221˚C)
• Worldwide voltage
• Perfect for travel
•Come with Free Heat-Proof Travel Case!

   Keratin Complex Travel Mini Iron  $61.20  $68.00
1 3/8"  450F Stealth Iron
1 3/8"  450°F Stealth Iron

Professional Titanium Iron. An outstanding ergonomic design offers lightweight, balanced handling without strain. Nano Technology provides the most advanced materials for performance, speed and hygiene. Digital display:
temperature displayed at your fingertips (330-450 degrees Fahrenheit).

   Keratin Complex Stealth Iron  $225.00  $250.00

Keratin 1/2"  450F BOLD Iron 1/2" 450°F Bold Iron 

• Compact design
• 1/2 inch Titanium Plates
• Negative Ions promote smoother, silkier hair
• Far-infrared technology distributes heat evenly preventing damage
• Hooked end for easy hanging
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

   Keratin Complex Bold Iron  $108.00  $120.00

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