Cut Split Ends NO! don't do it!,Cut Split Ends

With todays in-fashion hair cuts, use The Cure 24-7, just once a week, instead!

When you have hair without dimensional layering, you can easily cut split ends off on a regular basis. However with today's multi-textural (dimensionally layered styling), the varying, and uneven lengths within each section of the haircut itself, make it virtually impossible to find and cut split ends. Then you need Cure 24-7.

Please DO NOT miss-understand. If you un-intentionally have hair that has been damaged (pulled apart) by combing or brushing or improper detangling at home leaving you with damaged hair, of different lengths, within each section. Then you DO need the weelky, split ends repair option called The Cure 24-7!

If you are NOT following or using todays fashion trends and you DO have an even hair cut, without thinning, without dimensional layering, without slide cutting, or without razor work. If you do have hair that does NOT have multi dimensional breakage-damage from your combing or detangling at home leaving you with damaged hair, of different lengths, within each section, you can avoid split ends by trimming off the ends every 6 weeks.

Yes, getting a trim once every 6 weeks will keep you split ends from becomig a problem. For this to work you will need 3 things. Number 1- you will need to let your hair grow out for 6 weeks. For the normal person with a normal rate of hair growth this means you hair will have grown 3/4 of an inch. Then, Number 2 - if you are growing out your hair, you will need a hair cutter that knows you only want 1/4 inch trimmed off, and agrees to only trim off the 1/4 inch at the ends with the spit ends! And YES, the formula for those of you who are growing out your hair, is ... let it grow for 6 weeks (3/4 of an inch) and have you hair cutter cut off 2 weeks of growth (1/4 of an inch), so the split ends do NOT unravel and break off fasther the you hair is growing out! Number 3 - you need to take care of you hair so you do not cause split ends by improper combing or brushing practices. Learn how to prevent split ends <--- click here.

Now when you can't cut split ends, you will need to use the Hair Products that repair split ends! Use White Sands "The Cure" when you want products for split ends that really works, and really work on demmand! Yes it is true. use White Sands when you want to get rid of the hair split ends that are driving you crazy. See our special introductory "full-head hair conditioning" offer
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In the Hair Salon Business we have discovered many reasons why folks havehair split ends.  The best thing for you to do is

  1. discover what you are doing (that is causing the split ends) and stop doing it! Learn how to prevent split ends.
  2. REPAIR the split ends you already have- with The Cure
  3. Protect the canvas we call hair, every day with White sands Porosity and Orchids Oil.

Split Ends Repairs start with Split Ends Prevention. Split ends causes include:

  1. Using styling products the cause hair damage when combing out your hair
  2. Hair products that will not protect your hair from your hot styling tools (flat irons, curling irons, hot combs).
  3. Multiple chemical treatments (bleaching & toning and then adding a perm ).
  4. Damage from tools that rip or snag hair (brushes, combs, velcro rollers).
  5. Environmental damage from heat, cold, wind and other climate issues.
  6. Failure to have the ends of the hair trimmed on a regular basis.
  7. Improper de tangling techniques.
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Additional causes include excessive tangling, improper de-tangling, application or removal of hair extensions, jewelry neck less chains, or headgear that pulls neck-line hair splits ends a little more each and every day.

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