Cut Split Ends

Split Ends: Split ends? What are split ends? Split ends are just one symptom of damage that is living in our hair. Only most of the damage is along the hair shaft where we can't see it, instead of at the end of the hair, where it has grabbed your attention by splitting into two or more distinct sections.

Most of the folks who have hair that is longer then shoulder length have two types of hair.

  • Hair from the scalp to about mid-shaft that is in decent conditione and
  • Hair from the mid-shanft to the ends that is in, shall we say in "not so good a conditon."

Spit ends are mearly a symptom of hair damage, that we see because it is at the ends of the hair. Split ends are a "call to action." Split ends are the #1 way your hair has to ask you for help. Are you listening yet?

Split Ends are a "cry for help" that is saying - #1- check everything you are doing to discover what behavior or what process or what action you are doing - that is damaging your hair - and STOP doing it! We need to know how to prevent split ends.

Split ends tell everyone that their behavior towards the hair, needs to me modified.
Modifying behavior, means WE need to change something that we are doing to .
But What? Do we need to change? To find out what you need to change you need to become a split ends detective.

  1. The first thing we can do is - temporarily repair the split ends we have discovered (there is NO permanent fix they are all temporary and they all wear off - so we need a plan that includes repairing our split end damage at least once a week.) You can
  2. The second thing we can do is - put something on our hair to protect it from daily harm -to protect it from those undiscovered things we don' even know we are doing that are hurting the hair.
  3. The third thing we can do is - Prevent Split Ends by figureing out what we are ding to our hair that is causing damage and STOP DOING IT!
  4. The fourth thing we can do is - learn a new way to take care of our hair so as it grows out it stays in better shape.

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