split ends treatment | the cure 24-7 Split Ends Treatment: With White Sands your split ends treatment is called "The Cure 24-7" ---   TheCure treats split ends and other damage found on the OUTSIDE of your hair!  Use "The Cure 24-7" --- Split Ends Treatment weekly. This innovative 24-7-365 reconstructive treatment that you can be applied to your hair weather it is wet or dry.

  • One option is to apply the cure to your hair before you go to bed and in the morning you will have great "brand-new" beautiful hair. Apply The Cure at night and then style you hair in the morning and see for yourself!

  • The best option is to:
    1)- apply ER Fusion - to fix the INSIDE of the hair then
    (see ER directions)
    2)- apply The Cure 24-7 to fix the OUTSIDE
  • The third option is to apply The Cure 24-7 to your hair then follow it with Liquid Texture Firm, dry your hair and then style you hair right away using --- flat irons, the NEW Marcel/Spring Curling Irons, pin curls, or Velcro Strips
  • forth - dab The Cure 24/7 directly on any split ends you may see - it repairs like magic.
  • fifth - this product even works on hair extensions!
  • fixes spit ends
  • this split ends treatment lasts for about a week
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