treat split ends | the cure 24-7Treat Split Ends: with White Sands "The Cure 24-7" ---   The Cure treats split ends and other damage found on the OUTSIDE of your hair!  Treat Split Ends weekly. This innovative 24-7 reconstructive treatment that you can be applied to your hair weather it is wet or dry hair. With most products we need to apply heat or water to cause the ingredients to do something to the hair. NOT SO with the cure 24-7. The process is called cellular bridging. The ingredients are carried to the hair with a brand new product called micro gels. We actually apply The Cure 24-7 to the dry hair then spry with Liquid Texture -Firm. Dry the hair and then do our pin curl set, with our flat irons doing the setting of the Liquid Texture - firm. The split ends are fixed with some special gums that ate part of the ingredient formulation. You would have to brush the dry hair 20 to 30 times to pull the split ends apart again.

  • One option is to apply the cure to your hair before you go to bed and in the morning you will have great "brand-new" beautiful hair. Apply The Cure at night and then style you hair in the morning and see for yourself!

  •  The best option is to:
    1)- apply ER Fusion - to fix the INSIDE of the hair then
    2)- apply The Cure 24-7 to fix the OUTSIDE

  • The third option is to apply The Cure 24-7 to your hair then follow it with Liquid Texture Firm, dry your hair and then style you hair right away using --- flat irons, the NEW Marcel/Spring Curling Irons, pin curls, or Velcro Strips

  • forth - dab The Cure 24/7 directly on any split ends you may see - it repairs like magic.

  • fifth  - this product even works on hair extensions!

  • fixes spit ends

  • lasts about a week

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